Say Thanks!

September 1, 2014

Sending thank you cards out to friends are always a nice gesture and something I've been wanting and needing to do more. So in an effort to always say thank you just like my mom taught me, I decided to design a card for our shop! Now it's all done and ready to send to all those awesome friends you have that keep on doing amazing things for you. Check out the card in our shop here.

They're Here! They're Here!

August 13, 2014

A bunch of you have been asking me to make the "too many tabs open" quote into a print and it's finally in our shop along with two other new art prints! Watch out white walls. I'm covering you up!

Introducing Greeting Cards

August 11, 2014

For the past few months and in between client work, I have been designing more products to go in our shop. It has been quite the process, but this is what I love doing the most. I felt pretty accomplished (and a little nervous) this morning as I added the last of the new products to our shop. Nothing goes into our shop unless I love it 100%. I hope you love them too! Head over to our shop and check it all out. We now have greeting cards along with some new art prints! Whew! I'm going to sleep good tonight.

Summertime in Michigan

July 29, 2014

A few weeks ago we got to spend some time visiting our family in Michigan. We don't get back there much and when we do there is usually lots of snow everywhere. We love snow (in moderation) but we were really looking forward to visiting during warmer weather. 

Before we left we we made a list of everything we wanted to do. We had a lot to pack in, but we managed to get it all done and of course enjoyed every minute of it. 

One of the evenings we were there we drove to the end of the peninsula to watch the sun set. In the summer it stays light until 10:00 there. It's the strangest feeling thinking it's 6:00 and then realizing it's already 9:00. 

One of our main priorities while we were there was to try stand up paddleboarding. Jake and I have been wanting to try it for a long time now. When we were back visiting at Christmas we found out you can rent boards at the bay. We almost didn't get to do it because bad weather was coming in but we rushed down there and managed to get an hour in before the rain came. Jake was a natural. It took me a little bit to get comfortable, but once I did we paddled around the bay together and had a blast!

We also wanted to visit Mackinac Island. We haven't been back since our honeymoon. That was the first time we rode a tandem bike together so of course we had to do it again. We even got the whole family in on it. Riding around the island is one of our favorite things to do when we go up there and then afterwards grabbing some ice cream and fudge. 

Michigan is a beautiful place. We love the big trees, the bright blue water, and how everything is so green there. I think for each of us Michigan will always feel a little bit like home. 

Tutorial: Learn How To Add Texture to Text

July 23, 2014

Some of you guys have been asking how I add texture to my lettering so I thought it would be fun to share a little tutorial with you. It's pretty easy, but if you have any questions be sure to let me know. I'd love to see your results if you end up trying it out!

STEP ONE: Start by opening up a new document in Photoshop at whatever size you need. For this project I'm only going to be using this image on the web so I set up my file as 1200px x 1200px at 72dpi.

STEP TWO: On a new layer add in the type/lettering you want to put texture on.

STEP THREE: Put your texture on your canvas. For this project I did a quick google search for concrete texture then copied and pasted it straight from google.

STEP FOUR: Make a selection of the texture layer by selecting all (⌘A) then copy the selection (⌘C).

STEP FIVE: Add a layer mask to the text layer. Then option + click on the mask.

Now paste (⌘V) the texture in that mask. Then deselect (⌘D). You can now hide the texture layer. You won't need that anymore. I usually don't delete it just in case I want to redo my texture or something later.

STEP SIX: Next we need to adjust the texture. Bring up the curves palette for the mask layer (⌘M) and start adding contrast. I usually adjust it, click ok, then bring up the curves palette and keep adjust it a few more times until I get it how I want it.

STEP SEVEN: Make a selection of the text by holding ⌘+clicking on the text in the layer palette.

STEP EIGHT: Now adjust that selection by going to SELECT > MODIFY > CONTRACT and contracting by 8px (this number may change based on the size of your document or preference). Then invert that selection SELECT > INVERSE.

STEP NINE: With the mask selected in the layers palette and your foreground color set to black, hit ⌘+delete to fill the mask with the selection, getting rid of the texture around the edges of the text. You can adjust the curves of the layer mask more if you need to and fine-tune the texture by brushing out any pieces you don't want. Then you're done!