Spring Break in LA

April 7, 2009

For my spring break I was able to go see Jake out in LA. It had be a long 10 weeks since we had seen each other (which made for an extremely long plane ride) We got to spend 9 amazing days together and here is what we did...

I met Jake's brother Aaron and sister-in-law Elaine.

We went to San Diego to film for a project.

We took a silly picture for Threadless and got $1.50 store credit.

We saw the Hollywood sign.

We saw the place where the Oscars take place.

We saw the celebrity hand prints in the cement...

along with the stars on the sidewalk.

We did a lot of art (of course)

a logo for our wedding

a shirt for Woot. The theme was music (we got 6th out of around 200 shirts)

We also did some paint splattering for a Threadless design (go here to see it finished) http://www.threadless.com/critique/40491/Artful_Accident


(mine...it kind of blew in the wind)

We did a lot of things, but most importantly we got to spend lots of time with each other.

It was the best week or our lives.