Whoa whoa whoa!

August 20, 2009

Before I left LA, Jamie and I had noticed that the design of our blog was...lacking. It did not reflect ourselves as the graphic designers we are, and was honestly pretty embarrassing. So now that I'm back with my girl in Colorado, we've been working on a long to-do list; redesigning our blog was part of that list. So here we are, a new blog design. We hope you like it.

On an even more exciting note, Jamie and I designed a shirt in July for a weekly shirt competition at goodjoe.com. Every week a new design is chosen to be printed based on votes and comments from other users. The winner has their design printed and receives $300 cash, $200 for school, $50 store credit, and $1 for every shirt sold. In addition, $1 of every shirt sale goes towards a different monthly charity. Jamie and I have been designing shirts for online competitions for almost a year now, and last Monday, our goodjoe design was chosen to be printed. {insert intense excitement here} Needless to say, Jamie and I were ecstatic. It's on sale for the next four days for just $10, and starting Monday will be $18. Here is a link to the design: http://www.goodjoe.com/Store/Product.aspx?id=32

We're extra excited because it's the first goal we've accomplished together as a couple. It's a good feeling to know that other people appreciate your art enough to purchase it.

Early Monday morning, Jamie and I head back to JBU. We have mixed feelings about going back, but we get to take intro to printmaking together, which will probably be our favorite class of the semester (possibly of my entire college experience).

That's all for now.