September 23, 2009

Jamie and I accomplished our next life goal together since getting a shirt printed at goodjoe. Last week's woot theme was Japan, our design placed third in the derby competition, and it was printed! You can see it for sale here:

As I mentioned, the theme was Japan, and one of the rules was that if you had text it would have to be in Japanese. So with a little help of google's translator, we found the characters for "Spork" and "It's the new chopstick" in Japanese. That's what the shirt says, and it was verified by a Japanese-savy user on woot.

We're both very excited, and can't wait to get our shirts in the mail. Woot pays $1000 to the designer of every shirt they print, plus $2 for every shirt sold after the first 24 hours. It's quite an accomplishment.

September 15, 2009

Since being back together, Jake and I have realized just how perfect we really are for each other. Together we've been able to be creatively designing for things that we've never done before.

Through Jake's boss, we were asked to help make the Siloam Springs high school football field center design. It was by far the biggest piece of art we've ever done, here's how it turned out.

(They're the panthers)

This semester we're taking a printmaking class. Our first project was a one color linoleum cut.
(Jake's design)
(Me cutting my design)

After cutting out the parts of the design we didn't want to print, we got to ink our piece of linoleum, and make our first ever print by hand.

(Jake thinks he's pretty funny)

We're really excited to do more. For this assignment we have to turn in 5 consistent-as-possible, good-looking designs. Last class period we printed 8 and only had 2 good prints. So it's a difficult process. We'll give an update with our final prints when they're finished.

Last weekend I took my bridesmaids to try on dresses for the wedding. It went really well, and now we have all of our dresses picked out. Jake also bought his suit on Labor Day weekend. So things are moving along.

Jake and I designed another shirt for woot last week, and it's doing better than any other shirt we've submitted. We'll know by Saturday at midnight if we got printed, so we'll update you on that as well. That's all for now.