Finders Keepers: Italian Food

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This week’s Finders Keepers is a little different. I found the most amazing bread stick recipe EVER! For some reason I was in a cooking/baking mood yesterday. First I made some apple butter with the rest of our apples from last weekend, and then I was going to start making dinner. I had planned on making my mom’s spaghetti recipe all week and when I finally got around to it yesterday, I realized that the loaf of bread I had bought at the bakery had already started to mold. The only thing better than my mom’s spaghetti is having a good slice of garlic bread with it, so I was super bummed. I quickly got online and searched for the perfect bread to have with spaghetti. I came across this recipe and it was love at first sight. I have never made breadsticks before so I was a little nervous, but these were actually super easy and oh so good. I might have to make them every time we have spaghetti from now on. If you like breadsticks then by all means stop what you are doing and go make these now! You can find the recipe here.
Also, I have one more amazing discovery I want to share with you for your next spaghetti dinner. Instead of cooking your pasta in a huge pot of water that takes forever to start boiling…do this:
This video changes everything; or at least the way you cook pasta. I tried it last night and this might sound crazy, or maybe I was just really hungry, but the noodles even tasted better.
apairofpearsFinders Keepers: Italian Food

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  1. Katherine Ross   Reply

    WHAT?! I am totally going to try cooking spaghetti that way. We have terrible well water at home, so every time I make spaghetti, I use bottled water… and I always feel like it's such a waste. Brilliant.