Gifted Magazine: Holiday Gift Guide 2011

November 11, 2011

Jake and I started our Christmas shopping last weekend. We already finished getting stuff for our nieces and nephews. They're by far the easiest and most fun to buy for. When it comes to everybody else in our families I never really know what to get. I tend to over-think the gift-giving process in my attempt to find the most perfect gift for everyone. I'm really at a loss as to what to get for the rest of the people on our list. And it doesn't help when your sister is the best gift giver ever. She is hard to beat, but she sure is nice to get presents from!

Gifted Magazine's Holiday Gift Guide just came out today. I quickly flipped though it earlier and was delighted to find so many wonderful ideas. I think I'm going to make some tea and look through it again. Hopefully I'll find some gifts for the people still on my list. Take a look. I think you'll like what you see and maybe it will help you on your search for the perfect gifts this Holiday season.