December 29, 2011

Even though we haven't had much snow up here in Michigan, it has been quite cold. Thankfully Jake's parents have a big fireplace. It has been so nice to cuddle up by the fireplace in the evenings and listen to the crackly fire. You can't get much better than that on a cold winter night. Fireplaces sure know how to make a house seem more like a home. I'm even a fan of these faux fireplaces. They don't give off the cozy heat, but they sure do add to the decor!


  1. Looking at the fire, when snow outside and blizzard - it's amazing, I do not know what could be better than this.

  2. Well, this the only way we can survive winter days. I can vouch though the huge fireplaces would sure bring enough heat rather thn than the usual because of its ability to spread over the house, a condo or apartment. Cheers.