Finders Keepers

April 29, 2011

Now that I have more time to post on our blog, we've decided to introduce more regular columns. Today we are starting Finders Keepers, which will feature products that we find particularly interesting and creative. I love finding unique things and I'm so excited to share them with you. 

Source: Milk Carton available at Fred Flare; Hidden Animal Tea Cups designed by Ange-line tetrault

For the first post I couldn't help but feature two products. Isn't the glass milk carton fabulous? It would be so fun to use at a tea party along with the hidden animal cups. Don't you think anything with animals are automatically a must have? I hoped you enjoyed the first Finders Keeps. I would love to hear what you think.

Photo of the Week: Spring Flowers

April 28, 2011

It's getting warmer every day in LA, and the flowers are blooming all around our apartment. The smell of fresh air makes me appreciate being able to spend my day next to an open window.

Morning Brew: Google Before You Tweet

April 27, 2011

I thought this was pretty clever; plus it's letterpressed, which pretty much makes everything look beautiful.

Source: Joe Newton

The World At Our Fingertips

April 26, 2011

I've alway loved maps. I remember as a kid when our family would go on vacation, my dad would have this huge atlas that had a map of every US state. I would try to find where we were and where we were going. I thought it was so neat that the world was laid out right there on that piece of paper. Sometimes I would stare at maps and imagine what kind of people lived there and what they were doing at that moment.

Lately I've been trying to find the perfect globe. I haven't had any luck so far. The ones I've seen have been a little on the pricy side. I also love the old pull down maps. Those would be a perfect piece of wall art to hang anywhere.

Source: Racket

Source: Shop Dirtsa 

You can't go wrong with a chalk board. Shop Dirtsa will actually do custom State maps. (we like the Michigan one)

Source: Left: The Locker; Right: Design*Sponge

Source: Elle Decor

Source Left: Decor Pad; Right: Brabourne Farm

Morning Brew: Do What You Love

April 25, 2011

I forgot to mention last week, but last Tuesday was my last day of work. After much deliberation Jake and I decided that I would quit my full-time graphic design job giving me time to pursue the kind of graphic design that I really love. Instead of doing graphic design in the corporate realm, I am now focusing on our blog, letterpress, and custom graphic design work (like logos, invitations, business cards, etc.). I can't tell you how excited I am that I get to do what I love. I have a few projects in the works right now and I'll be sure to post them when they're finished. In the meantime, I hope you make time to do what you love today.

Source: How Joyful

Morning Brew: Easter Weekend

April 22, 2011

We hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend spending time with family and friends. 

DIY Work Table

April 21, 2011

Ever since Jamie and I got our letterpress, it has been sitting in the middle of our living room floor. We didn't have anything to set it on because, after all, it weighs 250lbs. Believe me, we looked all over the place for something that would work for us, but there were some key requirements. First and foremost, it had to hold the weight. It also needed to have a top that we could drill through to bolt the press down. And we had to make sure it was a height that wouldn't be out of reach (for Jamie). We never found anything that fit all of those requirements, and even the ones that met some were more expensive than we were hoping for. So being our creative selves, we decided to figure out how to build one. Jamie came across this post on how to build your own dining table out of galvanized steel pipe. As soon as we saw a picture of the table we knew that it would be perfect for making a custom press table. It'd be more than strong enough plus we'd be able to configure it to the exact height we wanted. Originally we were basically going to just make a stand for the press to sit on, but then we realized we could make it larger and have more of a work table too. The design was really easy to modify. We had so much fun building it, and it was so easy to do that we thought we'd make a little tutorial for anyone who could use it.
2 - 24" pipe
6 - 1-1/2"x12" nipple
6 - 1-1/2"x9" nipple (not pictured)
4 - 1/2"x12" nipple
6 - 1"x8" nipple
8 - 1/2" flange
12 - 1-1/2" flange
2 - 1" tee
6 - 1-1/2" tee
6 - 1-1/2" to 1" bushing
1 - 1" cross
3 - 2"x10"x5' wood boards
3 - 2"x10"x30" wood boards
4 - 1"x4"x20" wood boards
We bought all the piping at our local hardware store. We found that Home Depot was charging almost twice as much. So be sure to price out a few store before buying.

Now for the fun part!
Assemble each leg of the base by using one 12" nipple, one 9" nipple, one 1-1/2" tee, and one bushing.
Use the bushings to connect the 1" nipples to the 1-1/2" tees. The 24" pipes run along the length of the base and connect in the middle with the cross. You've finished the base!
For the top of the table, lay all three 5' boards on a flat surface. The side you want facing up on the finished table should be facing down for this step. Lay two of the 1"x4" boards perpendicular to the 2"x10" boards with enough clearance for the base's flanges. Put two screws per 2"x10" board into the 1"x4" boards. That's a total of six screws per 1"x4". Follow the same steps for the second level of the table with the shorter 2"x10"s.
We found it much easier to attach the base upside down so that the screwing would be downwards. Be sure the base is upside down and center it on the top (use a tape measure!). Screw the flanges to the top - four screws per flange. Do the same thing for the top level, and you're almost done!
Since we were bolting our letterpress to the table, we drilled four holes in the top for bolts. Then we attached the top level to the main level.

We stained and sealed our wood to make it look a little more finished. If you'd like to do that too, follow the directions on the can. And just like that, you're done! I hope you enjoyed it. As I'm sure you can see, using galvanized steel pipe makes this type of table extremely customizable. If you have any questions or need clarification, we'd be more than happy to help. Just leave a comment and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Photo of the Week: Pacific Theater

This photo was taken in the entrance to the Pacific Theater in Hollywood (which happens to be our church). It's really easy to miss as you walk in, but once you see it, it's hard to look away. The intricate designs of the ceiling are beautiful.

Oh, Technology!: LetterMpress

April 20, 2011

I came across this amazing letterpress app being developed for iPads the other day. The video explains everything, but you basically get to do everything involved with making a print on a letterpress, but on an iPad. The designs can be multiple colors, use multiple fonts, and be exported as an image or sent to a printer. To learn more about it check out this video:

The app is finishing it's funding stage tomorrow. Their goal was $15,000 in order to purchase the amount of wood type they want to make available; but more than double that amount was pledged. After the app is released, they plan on making the program available on other formats. My favorite thing about their plan is that eventually they want to make custom letterpress prints available of designs submitted by the user. So even though someone may not have a letterpress or any of the supplies they need, they could still design with representations of real wood type and have their art produced on a real letterpress. If I had an iPad, I would definitely be buying this app (even though I already own a letterpress). Two thumbs up LetterMpress!

Morning Brew: Pasta Packaging

April 19, 2011

I really think that if food companies started designing their packaging more like this, they'd have a lot more people my age buying their products. This packaging would win me over any day. I'd want to buy them all just to make my kitchen cabinet look so well designed. 

Source: Erik Johansson

What A Weekend!

April 18, 2011

Once again the weekend flew by. Jake and I had both a productive and relaxing weekend. On Saturday we spent the entire morning and afternoon letterpressing. We learn something new every time and I think we finally got it down (we'll show you our projects soon, promise). The second half of the day was spent building a new table for our letterpress. As of right now it is still in the middle of our living room floor. We are just about done with the table. We've already stained it and just have to seal it. That was our fun productive day.

This is Jake's new toy he bought to help with our project.

On Sunday we took a little trip to Brea, CA to go to a vintage sale put on by Danni from Oh Hello Friend which is a blog Jake and I follow. The sale was a lot of fun. We even got to talk with Danni and her husband for a bit. They both seemed really sweet.
 Jake picked out this Coca-Cola crate from the sale. It now houses some of our DVDs.
I got this vintage tin and pair of bird scissors (which I couldn't resist)

After that we took our picnic lunch we had made and went to Craig Regional Park. The park was so beautiful. We really enjoyed getting some fresh air and walking around. It felt like we were on vacation.
On our way home we made one last stop in Orange, CA (recommended by Danni) to check out some antique shops. After getting in a few traffic jams, we finally made it back home. Thanks to the restful weekend, we are now ready for the week ahead.

Morning Brew: Relax

April 15, 2011

Happy Friday everybody! Do you have any fun plans for your weekend? The last few weekends Jake and I have been pretty busy. So I think this weekend we are going to take it slow and relax. However, we are going to be letterpressing this weekend. Maybe we will have a surprise for you on Monday!

Source: That Kind of Women
Yes I know I have been posting a lot of dog photos lately. I can't help myself. I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am.

Photo of the week: View From St Paul's Cathedral

April 14, 2011

Remember yesterday when I posted about how I wanted to try tilt-shift photography editing? Well... I did. I love how it turned out. It looks like a model version of London.

I took this photo when Jake and I were studying in London. We climbed 259 steps to the Whispering Gallery of St Paul's Cathedral. The view was beautiful.

Morning Brew: Miniatures?

April 13, 2011

I was convinced this was a picture of hot wheels cars. They look so tiny! But Jake introduced me to this type of photo editing; it's called tilt-shift photography. The effect was originally achieved by taking a photo of miniatures, but this photo (and the technique Jake explained to me) can be done completely in photoshop with any photo. I think we'll try it. For now, don't get stuck in traffic. Have a fabulous day!

Source: Big Miniature World by Sippanont Samchai
Sippanont has some very nice photography. Make sure to check out his flickr!

Secret Stairs

April 12, 2011

A few weeks ago Jamie and I went to Malibu for a really interesting piece of Los Angeles that I never know about. They're called the Secret Stairs of LA; a set of walking tours across the city. Before Los Angeles was so big, and before cars were so predominant, these staircases were built as a way for pedestrians to get around the hills on foot. Many of the staircases are no longer accessible, but a handful are still complete. A whole book has been written for these tours, but you have access to two of them on the authors website here. We decided to go on the tour of staircases in Malibu.

This was the view from the top of the first staircase.

And this was the first staircase. It was almost totally hidden. I never would have noticed if I hadn't been looking for it.

There are so many interesting homes in Malibu. I loved the blues this home used.

When the day comes that I get to choose my own mailbox, I want one as unique as this.

This house really stood out to me as Californian. I'd have to run it by my dad, but I think this is considered "California Modern" architecture.

Jamie found where Mario comes out of the underground levels.

It was a great hike, and definitely a workout. Seeing Malibu homes up close was a really fun experience. If you're looking for something to do on a weekend and you live in the area, I highly recommend you check out one of these tours.

Morning Brew: Case of the Mondays

April 11, 2011

We had a pretty busy weekend, and are definitely not ready for it to be Monday. I hope you are.

Source: lily-bunrin

Morning Brew: That Baby Can Read

April 6, 2011

How precious is this? What do you think he is reading? My guess is something like Winnie The Pooh.

Source: Boho Photography

Kids in a Candy Shop

April 5, 2011

When my parents were here we went to Wertz Brothers Antiques over in Santa Monica. I had seen it posted on Oh Hello Friend and it was also recommended to me by a friend. As soon as we got there, I knew we were in for a treat. You know that feeling when there are so many amazing things to see and you're not sure what to look at first? Well that is what I was feeling; completely overwhelmed by the mass amounts of I-want-thats.

We were delightfully surprised at how many old cameras they had. They were probably Jake's biggest weakness and hardest thing to say no to.

I wanted that cabinet so bad, but it was bigger than our dining table, and probably wouldn't even fit through our front door.

This cubby cabinet was also one of my favorite things.

My dad spotted this beauty; an antique espresso machine. He runs a coffee shop in Colorado and almost bought it, but some parts were missing.

The store was filled with globes (which I'm currently on a hunt for). This one was nice and small and would've fit perfectly in our apartment.

We recently bought an 8mm film projector to watch my grandparents old reels with. Ours is a little more compact, but we really liked the way this one looked.

Jake almost bought this camera. It's a working WWII aerial camera that you use a sight to frame up your pictures with. You can see the crosshairs on the top of the camera.

Cameras, cameras, and more cameras!

I think this would be fun to have, although I do tend to use the backspace key a lot...which wouldn't work so well on this.

I wonder what this Coke would taste like now? They reminded me of my Grandpa because he always collected Coke products.

This is what happens when Jake goes off on his own. He finds more camera stuff, and then takes pictures of them!

Root Beer is my favorite.

Jake found these mini bottles that actually had liquid in them. He really wanted to buy the whole crate, but they were $8 a piece.

When we get our own storefront, it'd be fun to have one of these.

This is just a snapshot of the capacity of Wertz Brothers. They also have lots of furniture, jewelry, artwork, and clothing. We spent at least an hour and a half there, and could've easily spent more time, but we were starving for lunch. We didn't end up buying anything; antiques are kind of pricy. It was still fun to look though and maybe next time we can save up for something.