Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2011

Halloween is here! Happy Halloween everybody. I came across these cute vintage paper dolls from Betsy McCall today and I just had to share them. If you are needing any last minute crafts for the kids (or yourself) or even decorations these could easily be made into cupcake toppers or hung on some string for decorations. You can download the file here.

Everything Apples

October 28, 2011

Apples have been on my mind lately. This Saturday we are going with some of our best friends apple picking. I can't wait. I've been dreaming of it for months and it's finally apple picking season! I've been thinking of all the things I want to make with the apples we pick. Believe it or not Jake is allergic to all fresh fruits and vegetables (yes it's true), so he won't be eating any raw ones. I've come across these recipes that use baked apples which I think Jake will be able to enjoy a little more. The baked apple oatmeal is first on my list. I'd say that's perfect for a weekend breakfast and of course I will be baking my Mom's apple pie recipe. I'm going to have to round up some friends to share it with though.

Corporate Identity Facts

October 27, 2011

For those of you who don't know, my day job is animating a show on Yahoo! News called "Who Knew?". It's a minute and a half daily trivia show that tells little known facts about news topics and history. Every so often, we get a topic that I'm fairly passionate about (most often anything involving outer space). This week we aired an episode about corporate logos, and Jamie and I thought it was pretty interesting. You might learn some things about logos you see every day, but never noticed.

To watch the video, click here.

Coming Soon: Christmas Collection

Keep an eye out for our new holiday products coming soon to our Etsy shop

Minimalist Fairy Tale Posters

October 26, 2011

There is just something wonderful about fairy tales and their ability to take you back to your childhood. Back to happy, carefree times. These posters by Christian Jackson do just that. Christian has captured these classic children's tales through clever and simplistic imagery. Their stories and now these posters have found a place in my heart.

Right Off the Press: Sideshow Media Business Cards

October 25, 2011

Jamie and I printed another set of business cards for a client, and we're extremely excited with how they turned out!

The inspiration for this design came from Hatch Show Print. Their posters are amazing, and we thought doing a vertical business card would look perfect for that style. To see more photos of these cards, click here.

Morning Brew: Dog People

October 24, 2011

We're dog people. We just love them. Despite the amount of apartment living, there are a surprisingly large amount of people who have dogs in LA. Every time we see a cute little dog strolling down the street, we point and sigh and wish for the day when we can have a dog. Lately, we've been playing with the idea of actually getting a puppy. We want a dalmatian; that's already been decided. But then we think about all the logistics of having one. Jake and I have been watching a lot of Parks and Recreation lately, and I've started using Leslie Knope's pros and cons list technique. I work from home so that's a pro, but we can't easily bring it with us when we go back home for holidays, that's a con. You and me and the dog; it has a nice ring to it. Doesn't it?

Finders Keepers: LetterMPress

October 21, 2011

If you haven't seen it already, LetterMpress has now been released for Mac and iPad. The app has all kinds of wood type, borders and even paper to choose from. You can set the type, lock the press, and pull the print just like you would on a real letterpress. You can even hear the charming clank of the press as you pull your print. Of course, we just had to try it out. Above is the little print we did last night. I have to say it was pretty fun, but we have to practice some more. Happy weekend everybody!

Photo of the Week: Get Outside

October 20, 2011

This week's photo was taken on a walk to the art supply store. We are really lucky to be able to walk to a lot of places we want to go. And since number 5 on our 12 before 2012 list is "get outside more", we've been trying to walk more places. We walked to the grocery store just the other night and we plan on walking at lunch today to go drop off some business cards we printed for a client. So I would say we're doing pretty well with that item on the list. 

As far as the other items go, here is an update:

1. We bought a desk chair for me finally, so I'd count that as one step closer to a nice space for me to work in.
2. I bought the supplies I need to make the picture frames I wanted and it all shipped yesterday.
3. I got as far as 'thinking' about organizing my closet. That's got to count for something right?

Overall I think we're doing pretty well; making progress as least. How is your list coming?

New to the Shop: Personalized Note Cards

October 19, 2011

They're here! We are now offering note cards you can personalize with any letter. And the best part is they are printed with our new wood typeface we showed you a while back - 12 line French Clarendon. Check them out here in our Etsy shop!

Nothing Says Fall Like Plaid

October 18, 2011

Source: 1. Blanket | 2. Thermos | 3. Scarf | 4. Bow Tie

I'm a big fan of all things plaid, there is just something warm and rustic about it that is so pleasant. I especially love the wool blanket. I get cold really easily so I can never have enough cozy blankets to cuddle up in. This one would be perfect for a picnic or football game.

Jake and I found that exact thermos at Good Will a few weeks ago for only $2! We used it the other day when we went to watch Erika play softball. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the hot apple cider we put in it was still steamy when we got back.

The camera bag will probably make it's way onto my Christmas list this year. We have so much camera stuff and nothing really to carry it around in; this case would be perfect. We might need the next size up though.

The wedding identity is so lovely! The color pallet and plaid pattern make it perfect for a fall wedding. You see summer wedding designs so often, but I really like the rustic, old-fashioned feel of this design.

Morning Brew: No Whining!

October 17, 2011

Source: Hammerpress

I got this poster for Jake for his birthday from Hammerpress. Jake is definitely not a whiner, he just really liked the poster. I think it has the perfect message for the start of a new week. Only hugs, smiles and warm fuzzy feelings, please. Now go enjoy your week!

Finders Keepers: Paper Forest Friends

October 14, 2011

Source: Hartia Toys

These little lovable creatures from Hartia Toys are just too cute. These would be perfect for a weekend craft or raining day. I think the raccoon is my favorite.

Twelve before 2012

October 13, 2011

Jake and I were reading through our blogs this morning and we saw that Danni from Oh Hello Friend had posted a list of 12 things that she waned to accomplish before 2012. She invited all her readers to join her and set goals for themselves! Jake and I took up the challenge. I love making lists and setting goals. It really inspires and encourages you to get something done once you're permanently committed to it by marking it on a list. You can check out Danni's list and learn more about the Twelve by 2012 project here.

We will share our progress as we check off items from our list. If you're making a list I would love for you to share it! We only have 79 day left...let's do it!

Here is our list:

1. Design our Christmas card
2. Make Christmas decorations...anyone have any suggestions?
3. Organize/create an inspiring work space
4. Advertise our design work
5. Get outside more
6. Organize our closet...this is long overdue
7. Make these picture frames
8. Learn a Christmas song on my Ukelele
9. Finish and develop the roll of film in my Grandpa's old Leica camera
10. Go to Disneyland when it's all decorated for Christmas
11. Make an apple pie
12. Build a snowman...this one will have to wait until we go to Michigan for Christmas.

Image Source: Oh Hello Friend

Photo of the Week: Fall Loves

About a week or so ago, Jake's dad sent us a few pictures of the Fall colors in Traverse City. This is one of many beautiful pictures. It got me thinking about all the things I love about Fall. Here is what I came up with...

Photo Credit: Fred Bartlett

Wood Type Notes

October 12, 2011

We're putting our new vintage wood type to good use. Soon, we will be adding monogram stationery to our Etsy shop!

Morning Brew: Morgan Freeman

October 11, 2011

Source: Unknown (please comment if you know)

Don't we all?

Halloween Costumes

October 10, 2011

1. Little Lamb | 2. Little Lion | 3. Gnomes | 4. Bartlett Pear | 5. Chia Pet 
6. Ewoks | 7. UP | 8. Mary Poppins

It's almost Halloween, and I have so much fun seeing what creative ideas people come up with. They are much better than the typical scary mask or princess dress. I love the simplicity of the baby costumes. When I was little I was easily upset if things weren't comfortable, specifically if my socks weren't on just right. These hats are simple but still adorable and I bet any baby would be more likely to keep it on. Isn't that pear hat just perfect? I almost want to buy it now and save it for the baby we'll have some day. 

The dog costumes are so funny; Ewoks are too perfect! We will definitely be dressing up our dog when we get one. I love when people dress up together. That entire Family from UP is so funny and Bert and Marry Poppins is such a  good idea for a couple; I grew up watching that movie. Believe it or not Jake has never seen it! We'll need to get that on Netflix soon. 

Ever since we've been dating, we have dressed up as something together. Jake and I already know what we are going to be this year. So far we have been: Jack and Meg from the White Stripes, Batman and Wonder Woman, Alfalfa and Darla, and last year we were Scully and Mulder from the X-files. I think this year's costumes will be the best yet. You're never to old to dress up. Do you have costume ideas this year?

Finders Keepers: TOMS Ballet Flats

October 7, 2011

Source: TOMS

I heard a rumor a while back that TOMS was starting a new line of shoes, called ballet flats. I love TOMS, their company, product, and everything they stand for. This past summer they started a line of sunglasses. They are really stylish and I would wear any of them, but I know better than to let myself buy expensive sunglasses. In my experience sunglasses are too easily lost or broken, plus I like multiple pairs. So I just stick to the $10 sunglasses. These new flats however will be on the top of my list this coming spring. I love all the colors and patterns. 

To learn more about TOMS and their unique one for one movement click here.

Photo of the Week: Softball Sunset

October 6, 2011

Our great friend Erika joined a softball league this fall, and we got to see her play a double header last week. It was so much fun going up into the hills of Glendale with friends to cheer her on! Near the end of the first game the sun set and I snapped this photo. We'll be going again this weekend; go team!

French Clarendon

October 5, 2011

If you follow A Pair of Pears on Facebook, you know that last week we were the winning bid for a wood font on ebay! The font is called French Clarendon; we really love it. Yesterday it came in the mail! It's old, a little worn, and has that great wood smell to it; all the things that make it perfect. It is a complete set with multiples of each letter, number, and punctuation, which is pretty hard to come by for wood type. Each letter is about two inches tall. We can't wait to work with it.

We also got a few other new letterpress items at the L.A. Printers Fair we went to last Saturday. There were a ton of printers there selling everything from equipment to mismatched ornaments. Jake and I sorted through the tables of treasure and ended up finding a few things we wanted. We got a decorative border, a bunch of ornaments, a big arrow, and 2 type drawers. It made for a fun Saturday.

Morning Brew: Rain

Our alarm didn't go off this morning. We use one of our phones for our alarm and at some point during the night the battery died on Jake's phone. Normally we would have just naturally woken up when the sun made our bedroom too bright to sleep, but this morning it's rainy and gloomy out. It hasn't rained in a while here so I welcome it with open arms. It feels like everything is getting washed clean and ready to start a new season. Plus it gives me an excuse to wear warmer clothes and drink something hot! Rain, come on down and stay awhile. 

A Letterpress Birthday

October 4, 2011

On Saturday Jamie and I woke up early to go to the third anual Los Angeles Printers Fair in Carson, CA. We brought home a whole bag-full worth of goodies, which we'll be sure to share with you soon. The rest of the day was spent preparing for my 23rd birthday party, and it was truly a success!

Jamie arranged a beautiful letterpress display on our table. About twenty minutes before the party started, I realized the food could use some name cards, so I quickly whipped up some letterpress-style designs and printed them out.

I've never tasted a better chocolate birthday cake; Jamie is an amazing baker! Earlier in the day Jamie and I designed and set up a print that our guests were able to customize with their name. It took a while to set up, but it worked so well at the party and everyone really enjoyed getting to set their own type.

The invitation was also set by hand, and we even got to use two of the wood blocks Jamie got for her birthday! They turned out so cool. Afterwards we all played a game of balderdash. It was a birthday party to remember.

And the Winner is...

October 3, 2011

Happy Monday everyone! Thanks to everyone for signing up for our letterpress print giveaway and helping us celebrate our new shop. It was a lot of fun. Hopefully we can do more giveaways in the future, because who doesn't like to win things? I know I do.

The winners for this giveaway are...

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody
Elizabeth Turner
Debbie R.

Congratulations everyone! If you are a winner please email us with your shipping information at hello (at) apairofpears (dot) com.

The Face of Type "D"

Well, the birthday season for the Bartletts has officially come to an end. But that doesn't mean celebrations are going to stop! This month is Halloween, and along with that comes an excuse to dress up in costumes together. Here is a brand new desktop wallpaper to get you in the mood for fall decorations. For the letter D we chose Didot. When we were researching the typeface, we couldn't believe it was designed in 1783! It has truly stood the test of time.

Font Fun Facts: Vogue magazine uses a condensed version of Didot for their masthead. While many type designers have made the typeface available, the original design only survives in printed form.

Below are links to download images based on your screen's resolution. If your resolution isn't available just leave a comment with your desired resolution and we would be happy to add another size to our list.

Please read the Conditions of Use before downloading files from A Pair of Pears.