Wine Bottle Packaging

May 9, 2012

Jake and I know very little about wine. My knowledge on the subject doesn't extend far from knowing that red wine is served at room temperature while white wine is chilled. That is right, right? Beyond that, it's just a blur. I'll be the first to admit that when Jake and I stroll through the wine isle with hopes of making our dinner seem a little more romantic and grown up we solely base our discussion on the label design. I know, I know. If you're one of those wine connoisseurs you are probably shaking your head and seriously considering deleted our blog from your daily reads. You've got to admit though, the wine industry does take their label design pretty seriously--something I appreciate. If I was in search of some wine to go with tonight's dinner I would gladly choose one of these.

Images: 1. Labelle Famille by Ali Labelle; 2. Concannon by Beau Monroe; 3. Carl Wine by Pia Storm and Rine Boland Folden; 4. Jam Jar via JGB Interiors; 5. Modern House Wines by Swanson VineyardsOX (Zinfandel) by Levine & Associates


  1. I know little to nothing about wine, too. The Mr. and I aren't in-takers of alcoholic beverages and when I do, I usually like the hard stuff in small portions (odd, I know).

    Loving the mustache labels, they're the right amount of sophistication and fun.

  2. I bought a bottle on sale this passover just for the label. I don't even have a bottle opener!

  3. Haha I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't know wine.

    Naomi I love that you bought wine without a way of opening it. That is too funny!

  4. I am a wine lover and have a good sense of what's what, but I can respect a love of a good label. Why not have it taste good and look good on the shelf or table prior to consumption?