Jon & Nina's Sunrise Wedding Suite

September 24, 2012

About a week or so ago Nina Hans contacted me just to say hello and I'm so glad she did. We are both happily married graphic designers living in Los Angeles. We haven't actually met in person, but what more do you need to have in common to be friends? We chatted back and forth for a little while and she ended up showing me her beautiful sunrise wedding video. Yes I did say SUNRISE! That is one brave bride. It turned out so lovely. They served their favorite coffee to keep guests warm and even sent them home with a fresh roasted bag of beans. Thanks to my parents, I'm a sucker for good coffee too. At my wedding my dad let the caterers take care of everything except for the coffee. He brought his own beans and made sure it was brewed just right. Gotta love good coffee.

In the video I noticed bits of stuff Nina designed for their wedding like the coffee bag favors, napkins and even a piƱata. I got really excited and asked Nina if I could share it with you here on our blog. She sent me photos of all the other stuff she did for her special day. I love it when graphic designers get married. It's their chance to produce beautiful work representing themselves to share with the people they love. This is so good.