Letterpress Birth Announcement

June 27, 2012

Melanie from You Are My Fave had her beautiful baby boy back in April. A few days ago she posted the little guy's birth announcement. They are just precious. Take a look.

See more photos over at You Are My Fave.

What We Did This Weekend

June 25, 2012

Jake and I had a successful weekend. We slept late on Saturday and spent the afternoon unpacking a few neglected boxes and hanging up some of our art around the house. We had to run a few errands around town so we stopped by Goodwill to see if there was anything good. We found two awesome things! The first was this old yellow chair. As soon as I saw it I knew it was perfect. Of course it was dirty and needed a little love but when we got home we cleaned it up and it now looks much better. I really like the mustard yellow but the fabric is pretty warn so we plan on reupholstering it soon. Jake also found some Star Wars toys to add to the collection he has set up at work. That night we grilled and played some games with friends, then ended the day watching Pixar's new movie Brave. Of course Pixar never dispoints. It was a great movie.

Sunday was spent taking naps and watching tv. It always feels like a good weekend when you have lots of fun and time to relax with a little bit of work around the house mixed in. How about you? Did you have a nice weekend?

Finders Keepers: Bake Any Shape Pan

June 22, 2012

I always see cake pans in all kinds of fun shapes, but I never buy them since space in our kitchen cabinets is like gold: rare and hard to find. Quirky's Ribbon Bake Any Shape Pan solves that problem. Yep, it does exactly what it sounds like it does; it bakes any shape! Right now it is still in the development stages but I can sure see that in my kitchen's future. Move over cookie sheets and cake pans, we have a new kid on the block!

For the Taking: Printable Ice Cream Social Invitation

June 21, 2012

I find it hard to believe, but summer is official here (as of yesterday) and so to celebrate the warmer days ahead I have designed a free printable ice cream social party invitation to share with you.

I hope you're inspired to grab some friends, some yummy ice cream and enjoy summer's sunny days.

Directions: Download your invitations, print onto thick white card stock and cut out with scissors or an xacto knife. Fits an A2 envelope.

Please read the Conditions of Use before downloading files from A Pair of Pears.

Typographic Jokes

June 20, 2012

Here's a little humor for hump-day. Designer Gary Nicholson created a series of posters using typographic puns to humor fellow designers. I think it worked.

Bronx Zoo Ads

June 19, 2012

Found via Black*Eiffel; Designed by Y&R

This is one of those design concepts that is so simple it's brilliant. It's so cool how they incorporate the surrounding textures and colors into the design. Brilliant, just brilliant.

Meet Pixel

June 18, 2012

Just wanted to introduce everyone to the (soon to be) latest addition to our pack: Pixel Gutenberg Bartlett. We picked him out on Saturday, and now have to wait probably the longest three weeks of our lives before we can bring him home. We picked up some toys and a bed for him on Saturday.

It was really difficult to pick him out of the two litters available. They were all brought out to us in a laundry basket, and every single one of them was pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life! After looking at them all and picking up a few of them, this little guy stole my heart. I picked him up, and he just felt right. Jamie actually couldn't decide on one because they were all so cute, so she was happy that he stood out to me. And to top it all off, he was born on our wedding anniversary--so we'll never forget his birthday! It's like we were meant to be together.

Be prepared for a bombardment of cuteness coming to our blog starting in three weeks.

Finders Keepers: Reusable Tea Bag

June 15, 2012

I've never bought loose tea before, but I image that it compares to whole bean coffee vs. the pre ground stuff; fresher and just all around better. Maybe one of these days I'll give it a try, and when that days comes I'll definitely want this stylish bag bobbing around from Eva Solo in my mug.

I also write for Dearest Nature. You can read my post here for this week.

Guest Posting At Yellow Bird Yellow Beard

June 14, 2012

Good morning readers! Today I am over at Yellow Bird Yellow Beard. Janee and her husband are in the process of moving and she asked if I would write a guest post while she is away. Of course I was happy to help out. Head over there to read my post and while you're at it take a look around her wonderful blog!

Moglea: 2012 Letterpress Line

June 13, 2012

I've got a creative itch today thanks to Meg from Moglea. Recently she started her own letterpress line of paper goods and boy are they good! Now I'm all inspired to design more items for our shop. I have a bunch of ideas I would like to develop, but until my pile of outside work dwindles down a little I'll just have to swoon over Meg's stuff.

Bow Tea Bridal Shower

June 12, 2012

I'm going to be honest here, one of the first things I thought of when my best friend Erika asked me to be her matron of honor was "oh boy! I can't wait to plan her bridal shower." I was over joyed to start brain storming wedding ideas and support her in any way I could, but her bridal shower would be my baby. It would be something I could bless her with to make this special time in her life even a little more exciting. I wanted it to be fun, beautiful and scream "ERIKA". And that's exactly what I set out to do. Every decision I made was based on what I knew and loved about Erika. First off she is currently obsessed with bows. Who could blame her though? They are so cute! I love them too. As you will see I ran with that idea. Bows, bows, and more bows. 

I also knew Erika always thought it would be fun to have a tea party bridal shower. It's a timeless bridal shower theme, but instead of having a typical tea party where you drink hot tea out of fancy cups, I thought it would be fun to provide guests with different flavors of iced tea. From there everything else on the menu consisted of Erika's favorite foods. 

Erika's favorite cake is Neapolitan flavored. So of course we had to have chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cake balls decorated with her favorite sprinkles. 

Along with the shower invitation I sent a recipe card and asked guest to fill it out with their favorite recipe and bring it to the shower to share with Erika. She got a lot of yummy sounding recipes.

One thing I can tell you about Jake and Erika is that they are one hilarious couple. I wanted to share a bit of their humor at the shower so we played a game filled with funny quotes from their facebook conversations between each other. The guests had to guess who said what. 

Every guest went home with a tea bag shaped cookie favor as a thank you for coming and celebrating with us.

Photo booths are always fun. I made some silly bow headbands for props. 

We all had a fun, relaxing time celebrating with the beautiful bride-to-be. Thanks to the other bridesmaids for pitching in and helping put this together. 

Be watching for a post on some DIYs from this party along with some free printables!


June 11, 2012

We had such a fun weekend. Saturday I threw a bridal shower for Erika (which my amazing husband  helped me all day with). Since we were so busy on Saturday we spent most of our day Sunday relaxing at home and then went out for some frozen yogurt with friends. It made for a great weekend.

I bought these Peonies for Erika's shower. After the shower I brought them home and set them on my table. Their fragrance fills out home. I've really enjoyed having fresh flowers in the house so I thought I would snap a few photos to share with you.

GoPro at the Dog Park

June 8, 2012

Hey everyone, this is Jake. I know I don't get to post on our blog very often, but when I have the time I really do enjoy it. This morning Jamie and I found a video shot from the perspective of a dog at a dog park, and thought we'd share it with you.

Click here to watch on youtube.

We are beyond excited to be picking out our puppy next Saturday, and bringing him home next month! This morning we picked out his crate, and are now looking for beds. Does anyone know of a good place to find stylish food and water dishes? Have a happy weekend!

Bridal Shower Sneak Peek

June 7, 2012

Whew! Erika's bridal shower is so close. These next two days before the shower is crunch time. There's a lot still to be done but I'm so excited with how things are turning out. Here's a little sneak peek of what I've been working on.

100 Years of Paramount Pictures

June 6, 2012

To celebrate Paramount Pictures 100th anniversary DKNG Studios designed a limited edition screen printed posters made up of 100 icons of their classic films. It's only available to Paramount employes. How many films can you pick out?

You can see a larger version by visiting DKNG Studios.


June 5, 2012

Check out this hand-drawn font from My Fonts! It was inspired by vintage apothecary labels and comes with tons of styles and frames. Right now it's on sale for only $20. Now that's a deal. I was excited about it so I thought I would share it with you.

New Member of the Family

June 4, 2012

Something really exciting and unexpected happened over the weekend. Out of the blue I decided I was going to do a simple internet search for dalmatian puppies near Los Angles. We have been looking for a while now for litters close to us and the only breeder we found isn't having puppies until late this year. We were just planing on waiting for that litter. That is until I came across another breeder who is only an hour and a half away that just had puppies that were born 3 weeks ago! We got in contact with her over the weekend and have scheduled to go pick out our puppy in two weeks! We couldn't be more excited. On Saturday we even did a little puppy supply shopping to prepare for our little one.