Finders Keepers: LA Life

February 15, 2013

all photos from Call Me Cal
I'm pretty excited about this find and it's just in time for a long weekend. Callie or I guess I should say Cal from Call Me Cal is a fellow blogger living in LA. Unfortunately I missed meeting her at ALT. On her blog, she has a whole section on life in LA. She lists things to do and places to go and it's not the tourist trap kind of stuff. Jake and I were just talking about how we live in Southern California and haven't really made much of an effort to explore the city or the state. We want to be more intentional about doing that this year. Callie's list is a great reference for ideas. If you live in the area or are planning a visit, you should check it out. Let's face it people Hollywood Boulevard just isn't that glamorous  LA has so much more going for it.

Do you have any favorite spots in LA/SoCal? We would love to add them to our list.