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Finders Keepers: LA Life

February 15, 2013

all photos from Call Me Cal
I'm pretty excited about this find and it's just in time for a long weekend. Callie or I guess I should say Cal from Call Me Cal is a fellow blogger living in LA. Unfortunately I missed meeting her at ALT. On her blog, she has a whole section on life in LA. She lists things to do and places to go and it's not the tourist trap kind of stuff. Jake and I were just talking about how we live in Southern California and haven't really made much of an effort to explore the city or the state. We want to be more intentional about doing that this year. Callie's list is a great reference for ideas. If you live in the area or are planning a visit, you should check it out. Let's face it people Hollywood Boulevard just isn't that glamorous  LA has so much more going for it.

Do you have any favorite spots in LA/SoCal? We would love to add them to our list.

Snowshoeing in Northern Michigan

January 4, 2012

Since our flight back to LA was cancelled because of the snow storm, we were able to go snowshoeing! My parents live in front of an old cherry orchard, so we took my dog Misty and went through the orchards on snowshoes. It was so much fun! And Misty wore herself out charging through the powdery snow. Jamie dressed up looking like an Eskimo, and I got to wear snow pants for the first time in I don't even know how long. It was only in the 20s, but snowshoeing is such a workout that we actually got pretty hot out there.


Apple "Picking"

November 3, 2011

Remember how I was so excited to go apple picking? We had planned all last month to go the last weekend of October; that's when a lot of the apples we wanted were going to be ripe for picking. We got up bright and early Saturday morning and hit the road. We arrived one and a half hours later only to find out that there was a freeze earlier in the week and u-pick apples were done for the season. I was sad, very sad. But we tried to make the best of it. Instead of picking apples from a tree we picked a bag of apples from a box. They were still better apples than the ones you find in the store, at least that's the story I'm sticking to.

We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the beautiful outdoors and had a nice picnic with our friends. Later that night we made fresh apple pie. It was so delicious. Oh and remember how I thought I would need to round up some friends to help us eat the whole pie? Nope, it's already gone.

New Car

September 19, 2011

This past weekend Jamie and I went out to Norco, CA to look at a Toyota Prius. Not too long after getting married, we decided this was the car we wanted to save for. We loved our Jeep, and couldn't have gotten a lot of the furniture that we have now without it. But At 10 mpg, it was pretty clear that a new car would be a wise decision. Buying a car and trading in our Jeep was a very strange experience. I still don't feel like I own the vehicle. But it sure is a smooth ride.
Farewell Jeep, you served your family well. Soon we will be taking a nice day trip up the coast with the sunroof open and a picnic ready for the beach.

Wine Country

September 13, 2011

This past weekend our good friends Jonny and Emily invited us to go up to wine country for a relaxing day of picnicking and wine tasting. If you know anything about Jake and I, we are far from being any kind of wine connoisseurs. In fact Jake doesn't even really like alcohol, but we were more than happy to come along and enjoy the day trip with friends. We've never been to wine country, and what better way to spend a beautiful Sunday then to relax in the beautiful outdoors with friends?

The drive was up was beautiful. It was so refreshing getting out of the crowded, busy city and enjoying nature. We had a fabulous time playing card games, taking photos, and having our picnic lunch. It was the perfect way to unwind before the work week started again.